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DynaDisc Balance Cushion

Developing vestibular response, balance, and gross motor activities; the exerciser uses different exercise equipment. Dyna Discs are one of them. Dyna Discs are used for balancing purposes and are best reported. Dyna Disc is an inflatable pillow capable of withstanding 2000lbs/sq. inch. It's smooth on one side and textured with pegs on the other. Using Dyna Disc gives you the same benefits as gym ball. Dyna Disc can be used for standing to increase balance and muscular resistance while doing exercises, or lying to improve strength and core stabilization for floor exercises. Dyna Disc can be considered as original balance devices. To be used exercise the Dyna Disc provides lateral stability. They are excellent for working abdominal muscles as well as balance and postural training. Dyna Disc is more stable than traditional balance balls and will roll in one direction only. Moreover, they are ideal for anyone but especially for seniors or those recovering from injury that requires lateral stability.

Dyna disc improves posture, alignment and creates a more challenging workout in less time, and comes with a complete satisfaction for workouts. Dyna Disc creates a full range of rocker and wobbles exercises. Dyna Disc is an excellent tool for combined strength and balance training. It is a unique beveled edge supports comfort to the hamstrings; it is generally made of the same material as gym ball with traditional ball needle.

Balance training is important in fitness goal that should improve your balance and postural control. If you want to be able to sit, stand and walk smoothly with confidence without staggering or tripping then Dyna Disc is the best equipment. Dyna disc builds muscle strength in core and lower body, and improve your pro prospective power.In order to gain the postural control that will enable you to avoid falls and fractures, you need to have exercises using Dyna Disc.Dyna Disc helps adequate lower body strength. Both of these can easily be achieved with a balance training programs by using Dyna Disc.

Using a Dyna Disc diminishes our ability to adjust our balance on unstable or unfamiliar surfaces. Consequently, our risk of falls and fractures increases. With regular balance training by Dyna Disc, new muscle fibers are created. Their neural signals to the brain are intensified and normal sensory input is restored. Simple exercises with the Dyna Disc can quickly improve these capabilities. Exercises with the Dyna Disc have the advantage of increasing strength of muscles and tendons and improving balance at the same time. In rehabilitation programs physical therapist uses Dyna Disc to hasten recovery in cases of musculoskeletal injury. The disc provides a changing, unstable surface that challenges you to maintain your balance. The repeated muscular adjustments necessary to maintain your balance strengthen the muscles helps in faster recovery. Balance training with the Dyna Disc is commonly used in early and advanced muscle strengthening programs for patients recovering from ankle, knee and hip injuries. The Dyna-Disc is suggested for seniors, youngsters, adults or anyone and it can be stood on for lower extremity balance training. It is ideal to be used at home, in the office or even at a ball game. The Dyna Disc allows the user to complete a series of trunk mobility and stability exercises while sitting, standing, lying face up or resting on all fours (knees and hands). After trying the Dyna Disc, you'll agree it's simply the best sitting postural disc available. The Dyna Disc can fit into the health and fitness program of children, athletes and seniors alike.


Dynadisc 14" Diameter

 Dynadisc 14" diameter

The DynaDisc is a 14" inflatable balance and stability tool that is compact...More Info


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